Mark Salling Speaks on Glee Relationships, Future Storylines

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As the character of Puck on Glee, Mark Salling has gone from a stereotypical jock to a (mostly) enthusastic member of the singing group.

We're forever jealous of the actor for getting to make out with Lea Michele a couple weeks ago, but we're willing to let that slide in exchange for insight into future storylines.

That's exactly what Salling delivered in a recent TV Guide interview. A few excerpts from it...

How will Finn react when he learns Puck knocked up Quinn?
I think he'll be devastated. He's invested a lot already into the idea of fathering this child. Hopefully, Puck will step up to the plate and practice what he preaches and walk the walk.

Quinn and Puck

Will the baby drama affect the glee club?
It can't be good for us. Some people can't be around each other anymore. It might throw the dynamic off; it's not a good thing. That's what happens when you dip your pen in the company ink.

Can you give us a second half season preview?
The writers are seeing what worked and what didn't with the first 13 [episodes]. I know we'll have more themed episodes, like the Madonna one. There are a lot of surprises to come.

Glee (finally!) returns with a new episode next week.

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