The Ghost Whisperer Review: "Dead Listing"

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Melinda had her hands full with a real estate power selling husband and wife duo when the husband, Kirk, dies. From the beginning of the episode, it is pretty clear that this guy is obnoxious. Because of that, he looks and plays the part of a realtor quite well.

Anyone who has had to deal with a realtor these days can understand what we're getting at - they are as smarmy as a used car salesmen. Sorry to all of you great Realtors out there - this guy def. gives off that impression...and his wife isn't that much better of a person either.

It's funny how relatable their relationship is to us viewers. Most of many arguments that come up in a relationship have not one, not two, but three sides - the third being the truth.

 As it turns out, both of them were really just trying to make a piece offering - but ended tragically because of their narrow-mindedness. How tragic? Read our full review of the "Dead Listing" to find out!

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Beyond the basic storyline, we come to find out that Aiden is getting help with his magic tricks from not only one ghost, but multiple. Melinda believes she has everything under control, but she has no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Aiden shows us that the dead girl has a lethal past that she wants his help with, but doesn't want his parents to find out. This scene leads us into next week's episode which looks to be personally eventful for our heroine Melinda.

Until next week, we leave you with a few of our favorite Ghost Whisperer quotes from the hour:

Kirk: Rita mourn? Those tears are an act - that bitch killed me. | permalink

Jim: Yeah it's incredible - esp. since he can't read yet. | permalink

Melinda: Please stop calling him my body. | permalink

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Please stop calling him my body.


Rita mourn? Those tears are an act - that bitch killed me.