The Office Spoilers: Jim-Pam Baby Due in February!

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This weekend at Us Weekly's Hot in Hollywood party, The Office star Jenna Fischer dished a little on what she calls the "new Jim and Pam," and their future baby.

Is the PB&J baby (to use Kevin's nickname for them, one of our favorite Office quotes) going to arrive this season? And what will that entail? Well, Jenna says ...

"We haven't shot the birth yet. We're on a hiatus right now, but it's coming up. Pam's gonna give birth in February. The baby's due then so not much longer now!"

"My favorite thing was the outfit I got to wear for the Christmas episode," she adds. "They got me a little red jumper dress and it looked cute with the baby bump."

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Jenna Fischer is quick to note Pam's strong work ethic.

"She's been a trouper, she hasn't missed any work, if you've noticed. She only vomited in the office once ... well, more than once, but she's a model employee!"

Any other Office romance gossip on the horizon?

"I always like our office romances. I personally am a fan of the Dwight and Angela romance," Jenna said. "I would like to see more of that in the upcoming season."

"I hope that will rekindle because those two oddballs are kind of my favorite. But I'm really liking the Andy and Erin love story. It's bringing out a really neat side of Andy, and I think Erin is just such a sweet soul. I think it's nice."

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