Two and a Half Men Review: "Untainted by Filth"

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As glad as we were that Charlie managed to save his fiancee Chelsea's boobs last week, let's face it, no one tunes in to Two and a Half Men to watch Charlie as a married man.

There's about a million other generic sitcoms to see families.  We tune in to this generic sitcom to live vicariously through the world's ultimate bachelor.  So luckily, last night's episode, which started with Charlie and Chelsea setting a date, ended with Charlie and Alan in bed together.

Charlie and Alan in Bed

Woh, wait, what!?  You can read our "Untainted by Filth" recap to find out the details.  We're just hoping this possible infedelity is enough to end the engagement that's weighing down this show.

Surprisingly, one of the funniest scenes in the episode involved the recently underutilized Jake.  The scene between Jake and Chelsea discussing Charlie's string of women prior to her was classic. 

Look, we know Jake has gotten awkward as he grew up, but what teenager hasn't?  Have some more fun with him and Berta, they're great supporting characters.  Oh and bring back Rose while you're at it.

Back to the episode at hand.  Overall it had its funny moments and hopefully some long term reprecussions on Charlie's relationship.  Now for some great Two and a Half Men quotes from the episode:

Evelyn: When I was married to your second step-father...
Charlie: The carpet king?
Evelyn: Well I called him that, but it wasn't his profession | permalink
Evelyn: Confession may be good for the soul, but for marriage, it's a hot, lead enema. | permalink
Charlie: Hey can I be the best man?
Alan: You'll need a sex change | permalink
Evelyn: The sooner you two get married, the sooner I'll have more grandchildren.
Charlie: Why, does Miss Evelyn need a cook and a butler, too? | permalink

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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Alan: Out of the two of us who would have figured I'd be the care free bachelor?
Charlie: If by that you mean lonely and single, then everyone

Charlie: Hey can I be the best man?
Alan: You'll need a sex change