30 Rock Review: "Secret Santa"

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Last night's 30 Rock, "Secret Santa," was even zanier than usual with three separate holiday-themed plot lines unfolding and more hilarious moments than we can count.

Plot #1 involved Pete's desire to stick it to Jenna by having new cast member Danny duet with her in TGS' Christmas show. The weakest of the three story lines by far.

Nevertheless, that's all relative - Cheyenne Jackson was great as Danny, and hopefully we get to hear him sing more in the future. Jenna still needs to get hers, though.

Plot #2 involved Jack reconnecting with his high school crush Nancy on YouFace. This led to many great Facebook jokes, and Julianne Moore was terrific guest starring.

Sure, maybe she overdid it a little with the Boston accent, but that was probably intentional, and Cerie tutoring a smitten Jack on YouFace ettiquette was a great touch.

Plot #3 was the best, with Tracy breaking the news to Ken that no one likes doing Secret Santa and that all religion is manipulated by man. Tracy is beyond hilarious.

It was nice to see Liz play a supplementary role for a change, as awesome as she is. This show has almost too many characters at times, but this week they all shined.

Below are some classic 30 Rock quotes from Thursday ...

Secret 30 Rock Santa

Even Cerie got into the hilarious action on last night's holiday episode of 30 Rock.

Liz: [on Christmas gifts for Jenna] I want to take that Internet photo of her nipple slip and make it into a jigsaw puzzle! | permalink
Kenneth: An angry God is punishing them. It's a Christmas miracle! | permalink
Danny: I'm sorry, are you being sarcastic? It's hard for me to tell. I'm Canadian and we don't have a big Jewish population. | permalink
Nancy: [to Jack] I thought you'd have some hotshot wife with black hair who said queeah stuff like "dressing on the side." | permalink
Tracy: [to Kenneth] That's the whole thing, K-Fed. Why don't the Catholics not eat meat on Fridays? Because the Pope owns Long John Silvers! | permalink
Tracy: Oh, oh Ken ... we may have fallen into the intellectual deep end here. And if you try to grab on to me, we'll both drown. | permalink
Jack: Weird in a good way. Like going to the gym drunk. | permalink
Liz: Oh, shark farts! | permalink
Tracy: Whoa! New dude sings as good as Tracy Jordan does everything! | permalink
Frank: The whole thing was so confusing I ended up getting my own crappy gift back. Like I need two copies of Over 60 Vixens. | permalink

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The whole thing was so confusing I ended up getting my own crappy gift back. Like I need two copies of Over 60 Vixens.


Those sites are for horny married chicks with kids who want to exchange pervy e-mails with their old high school boyfriends.