House Review: "Wilson"

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Love House or hate House - and, we admit, it's been stuck in a rut this season - even the harshest critics must give the show credit for often trying something new.

At its core, the show will always be a medical procedural... but it shook up House's team at the height of its ratings; it dedicated a two-hour episode to the trouble's doctors attempts at recovery to open this season; and it gave Wilson the stage this week in a great, interesting new episode titled "Wilson."

Without a doubt, the Wilson/House relationship has become the most entertainment aspect of the series. The friendship was turned on its head this week, though, as events focused on Wilson and his patient, shoving House into the background role of advising pal and co-worker.

Read a detailed recap of "Wilson" now and let us know your thoughts on it.

Making a Plea

Extra points must also be given to Joshua Malina as the guest-starring Patient of the Week. Any West Wing fan has a soft spot in his/her heart for this actor.

Even as the hour dealt with Wilson and his struggle to save a friend's life, it gave viewers insight into a new and improved House. He actually admitted that if Wilson died, he'd be alone. Can you imagine House ever making such an admission in seasons past?

We can't wait to watch these two tear it up in a new apartment, though we're gonna have to: "Wilson" was the final episode of 2009.

Check out the following House quotes from the installment:

House: Disappointment is anger for wimps.You don't have to be so gentle about everything. It's okay to get angry once in a while. | permalink
House: Religion just killed another person. | permalink
House: I look for zebras because other doctors rule out all horses. | permalink
House: I didn't realize you'd be in the middle of something.
Wilson: It's a conference room. With glass walls. | permalink

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Friend: I read somewhere that turkeys know what you're thinking.
Wilson: Then I should stop thinking about German porn.

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