Brothers & Sisters Preview: "Run Baby Run"

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They became closer than ever as she battled cancer, but with it in remission, you knew it was just a matter of time until Kitty and Robert were at odds over politics again.

On Sunday's all-new Brothers & Sisters, Robert makes a startling announcement - or maybe not startling, in light of what's been going on: He is not seeking reelection.

Instead, he's going to focus on being a husband, father and engaged private citizen. Noble goals, all. But what happens when rumors circulate about Kitty's political future?

Let's just say that for the recovering Mrs. McAllister, the episode title, "Run Baby Run," can be interpreted more than one way. Watch the clip here to see what we mean ...

[video url="" title="Run Baby Run Preview"] [/video]

Looks like the tension returns in a big way. Meanwhile, things heat up with Sarah and the new romantic interest she met in "The Science Fair." Who needs that hunk Luc?

Another plot line unfolding Sunday? Scotty and Kevin awaiting the results of their first try at surrogacy. Click to enlarge some pics from the January 17 episode below ...

Big Announcement
Love in the Air
Romance For Sarah!
Scotty Pic
Nora Image
As Buffy

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