Brothers & Sisters Round Table: "The Science Fair"

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In our review of "The Science Fair," we talked about the obvious and predictable symbolism of Brothers & Sisters, but how instead of turning us off, we get sucked in every time.

That's what an all-star cast can do for you. Below, our staff members analyze and discuss Sunday evening's developments in our weekly Brothers & Sisters Round Table ...

1. What was your favorite Brothers & Sisters quote from the episode?

The Barnacle: Nora's drawn-out confrontation of Simon. You go, girl!

Dr. Shepherd: Tie between Nora calling out Simon at the end (with Saul in the pantry for backup) and when Scotty told Kevin he insists on using both their embryos. Sniff.

M.L. House: Paige's repeated questioning about Kevin not realizing he was gay in the sixth grade. A Grease reenactment? The girl does have a point, even if it wasn't his!

Brothers & Sisters Round Table

2. More obvious Walker brother + science fair = adult-life realization: Justin's apparent learning disability, or Kevin's obsessive-compulsive, hyper-competitive issues?

M.L. House: Kevin, obviously. All I can say is that I hope Scotty takes responsibility for helping with homework when they have their own kid. Kev will lose his mind.

Dr. Shepherd: Both felt like being hit by a cement truck of symbolism. Kevin overcompensates because of insecurity? Justin has trouble achieving results despite how hard he tries? Ooooh, you're kidding! Just the same, Matthew Rhys and Dave Annable are so terrific, you forget that you're watching characters. At least that cement truck can act!

The Barnacle: It wasn't the obviousness of the science project tie-in that struck me about Justin, it was the sudden realization. Doesn't he have a history of academic problems? Wouldn't someone have figured out he has a learning disability by now?

3. Should Holly sell her Ojai shares?

The Barnacle: Yes. It's time to break with the Walkers for good, Holly! Take the money and start an Ojai competitor (not that it would ever happen, but I'd love to see it)!

M.L. House: No way. If not because she thinks she may be undervaluing her own asset, because you don't just let a weasel like that obtain part of their class organization.

Dr. Shepherd: No. Perhaps my favorite part of the episode was Holly's moment of clarity. Why would Dennis' offer be so good? She's convinced she's missing something, even if she doesn't know what, and I have a hunch she'll be proven right.

4. Did you think Nora had that in her?

The Barnacle: No, but she owned that scene - and that jerk Simon. Wow. Drawing it out like that, with the cops showing up at the end? That was cold - and he deserved it!

M.L. House: Yes. Nora Walker may have her moments of impulsiveness, poor judgment and getting carried away, but she always comes around. This time was no exception.

Dr. Shepherd: To be honest, I did not. Reeling emotionally from Kitty's health (and to a lesser extent from William's death), I saw poor Nora falling for this smooth operator's shenanigans all over again. I'm glad she proved me wrong, however.

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