Ex-Bachelor Matt Grant to Produce "Pimp My Bride"

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Matt Grant was the star of the 12th season of The Bachelor (now in its 14th). He was the British dude. He got engaged to Shayne Lamas. That didn't last. He is producing a new reality show, though, and it is called Pimp My Bride.

We think this is all actually true.

"[It's] an organic follow-up to The Bachelor," Matt Grant told Us Weekly about his new show, adding that he first wrote the series after finishing The Bachelor in 2008.

"It's bascially about the groom being in control of the wedding."

Another Matt Grant Photograph

Matt Grant is returning to reality TV. Time to celebrate!

Guess The Bachelor stars won't be on it, then. That show has never produced a successful wedding, although Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney are angling to be the first.

Sorry to say, we don't see it happening this season, either. No offense, Vienna Girardi, but you just don't strike a lot of people as marriage material. Hope we're wrong!

Grant himself got engaged on The Bachelor, but he and Shayne Lamas called it off after a couple of minutes after he realized he was engaged to a complete airhead.

Just kidding. Not really.

Matt says he is also considering appearing in the Bachelor spinoff Bachelor pad, which he calls "a Big Brother Bachelor with all the Bachelor stars in one house." Hot.

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