Kim Raver Dishes on Grey's Anatomy Role

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Kim Raver has joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy, and her character, Dr. Teddy Altman, is still in love with Dr. Owen Hunt. She is going to come right out and say that now.

Still, before you make a Kim Raver voodoo doll, she says Teddy is no home wrecker, and there's more to their relationship - and his with Dr. Cristina Yang - than we know:

"What's great about Teddy, and fans, is that she knew Owen was engaged while they were in Iraq, and she never did anything. That's what I think is so amazing about it."

"She's not going to start doing that kind of thing. Then on top of it, she has such enormous respect for Cristina because she's so good, and she's also her mentor."

Okay, maybe she doesn't sound all bad. Below are excerpts from some of the new series regular's responses to Grey's Anatomy fan questions, as posed to E! News:

Teddy Bear
Teddy Pic

Q: If Cristina and Owen are moving on with their relationship, is Teddy going to still be a threat to them romantically? Professionally, will she be able to put her feelings aside?

A: There's a great dynamic between Cristina and Owen. I'm not there to break up [Cristina and Owen's] relationship, but that it will get more complicated, more complex.

Q: Will [Teddy] get her own storyline with the other characters?

A: I would say yes. I'm already starting to build other relationships, not boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, but other relationships that are definitely starting to evolve.

Q: It seems like things won't work out with Owen, so will Teddy hook up with another doctor? Everyone hooks up with everyone at Seattle Grace at some point.

A: I was thinking about that! Who do the fans think Teddy should be with? Let's take a poll. The Grey's Anatomy fans probably know better than me.

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