Smallville Likely To Be Renewed for Season 10

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With a sixth season all but locked down for Supernatural, CW president Dawn Ostroff is focusing on another network mainstay.

What are the chances that Smallville returns for a 10th season?

“I’m really pleased with the show,” she said at the TV Critics Winter Press Tour. “Creatively, I think they’ve done a great job. And the ratings are [strong] on Friday night... It’s not easy in season 9 to keep a show fresh. And you know what I think? The fans have really liked the show this season."


So, can fans look forward to at least one more year?

“I don’t know which way we’ll go,” she said, but added a hint of optimism: "If you would’ve asked me [earlier whether it would end this season] I would’ve said, ‘Oh, probably.’ But I can’t say that now.”

Smallville returns on January 22 with a new installment.

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Smallville Quotes

Pete: Clark, I'm telling you, this is good news for you.
Clark: Kansas State gives Whitney a full scholarship and Lana gives him a tongue bath. How is that good news?

Lana: Clark, I didn't see you at the dance last night.
Clark: Oh, I was...(glares at Whitney)...I was a little tied up.