Brothers & Sisters Preview: "Leap of Faith"

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Luc made a surprise return on last week's Brothers & Sisters, "A Valued Family."

This week, his visa issues cause huge problems for Sarah, who not only struggles with her feelings for him, but worries that she might lose him again - to another woman.

But who? This is a central story line of "Leap of Faith."

Meanwhile, Rebecca wrestles with Justin and with herself to move on after their loss, Kevin finds "breaking up" with Robert is extremely difficult, and Holly believes she has uncovered the hidden value of Ojai Foods at last. Click to enlarge some pics from the episode ...

3 Walkers
Just-in Time
Surprised Kevin
Political Divorce?
Lucky Luc
Luc and Nora

What do you think will happen with Sarah and Luc? Will Justin and Rebecca be able to get past their pregnancy tragedy? And what do you think Holly's discovery might entail?

Follow the jump for a clip from "Leap of Faith" ...

[video url="" title="Leap of Faith Sneak Preview"][/video]

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