Brothers & Sisters Review: "A Valued Family"

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Last night's Brothers & Sisters left a lot of things in flux, but set many others into motion going forward. When one door closes, another opens ... or something like that.

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BLAME IT ON BUFFY: Kitty is preparing to announce her candidacy and Buffy, who leaked their chat about Kitty running to the media, wants to be campaign manager.

Robert is against it, but Kitty wants to at least interview her. She also wants to announce her candidacy at Ojai Foods, but things don't go entirely as planned with that.

Buffy tells Kitty Scotty shouldn't be on stage because he's gay (same with Saul) and wants Robert out of sight. Attention only on Kitty. She's pretty ruthless, this Buffy.

Later, they learn that Holly has sold her shares in Ojai (more on that later) and they don't know who the owner is now. Oh, and there's a secondary matter of blackmail.

Brother and Sister

Alex, the man Kitty had an emotional affair with at the park last season, shows up at Robert's office to report that someone called about his past "relationship" with Kitty.

Robert believes Alex's motives are genuine, to protect Kitty, and tells him to set up a meeting with the alleged blackmailer to unmask him. Well, it turns out he's a she.


She was merely investigating rumors, and while that was the epitome of dirty politics, Kitty is impressed enough by her effort to keep her on board ... at least for now.

Kitty later announces her bid for office at home, with the whole family by her side, even Rebecca, despite what she just went through. More on that after the jump ...

WE'RE ALL FAMILY NOW: At Nora's, Rebecca begins to have pains of some kind. We knew where this is going, but it doesn't make it any less tragic or devastating.

She lost the baby.

If there's a silver lining to be found amid the devastation, it's that Holly is eternally grateful Nora was there when Rebecca needed her, and Justin wants to try for another.

It won't be easy for the couple, or the family in general to move on from these recent events, but at least they're sticking by each other. They've really come together.

SELLING OUT: Holly tells David that the company is indeed worth more than she knew, and that Dennis tried to blackmail her into having sex with him (she refused).

She has decided to sell her shares, but she grows worried how the Walkers will treat her (and more importantly Rebecca) once they find out whom she sold out to.

At the hospital, Holly gets choked up when Nora says they're family now and regrets the fact that she agreed to sell her Ojai shares to some huge conglomerate. Wow.

Nora finds Holly packing in her office and tears her a new one, but Holly tells Nora that she canceled the deal, that she changed her mind after the things Nora said.

Then, when Holly tells Nora the person who wanted to buy her shares is Dennis York, a stunned Nora says that changes everything. What does Nora know about him?

Love Luc

JUST HER LUC: Kevin wonders why Sarah can't commit to Roy. Paige then tells her mom she has a crush on two boys: one who makes her cheeks flush and one who's just nice.

Gee, funny how Sarah is going through the exact same thing. Sarah tells her that the boy who makes your cheeks flush isn't always the right choice ... but oh, he's so dreamy!

Gilles Marini surfaces as Luc, but Sarah doesn't know it yet. At an exhibit with Roy, a painting catches her eye. The curator notices. It's Luc's! Has he been in L.A. all this time?

He sees Sarah, but lurks, refusing to come out. For now.

For Valentine's Day, Roy gets Sarah Luc's painting. In the process of figuring out what to get her, though, Roy realizes they are too different and breaks up with her. Good timing!

When Sarah returns to the gallery to have Roy's card credited for the painting and hers charged instead, the painting's creator steps out to greet and thank her in person ...

What did you think of last night's Brothers & Sisters? Are you excited that Gilles is back as Luc? What about Kitty's campaign, Rebecca's tragedy and Holly's decision?

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A Valued Family Review

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