Life Unexpected Music: "Turtle Undefeated"

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On this week's episode of Life Unexpected, Lux threw a party in Baze's loft and our reviewer fell more in love with this show than ever before.

You really should watch it it.

Aside from memorable quotes, a solid cast and moving storylines, The CW drama delivers a handful of great singles each episode. Which stood out the most on "Turtled Undefeated?" We've listed some examples below:

  • Matt Nathanson - "To The Beat Of Our Noisy Hearts" Matt Nathanson - Some Mad Hope - To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts
  • The Upsidedown - "Blackeye Liner" The Upsidedown - Trust Electricity - Blackeye Liner
  • Right the Stars - "We Got It All" right the stars - Right the Stars - We Got It All
  • Surfer Blood - "Floating Vibes" Surfer Blood - Astro Coast - Floating Vibes
Turtle Undefeated Scene

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Life Unexpected Quotes

My dad said to do what I love and I love to drink for free.


You both can't be parents, you both need parents!