The Amazing Race Preview: Who Will Win?

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Featuring a former beauty queen and two former Big Brother housemates, The Amazing Race kicks off its 16th season this Sunday.

We can only think of one better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to snuggle up with your sweetheart and watch 11 teams race around the globe for cash and prizes: doing so while placing a wager on which duo will come out on top!

Below, TV Fanatic sets the odds for each tandem..

Brent and Caite: 100-1. The former Ms. South Carolina told a live national audience at the 2007 Miss Teen USA contest that some Americans could not find America on a map because they didn’t own a map.  Hopefully, Caite is better at reading a map than articulating about America’s geographical education.

Jordan and Jeff (pictured): 60-1. CBS is dipping into its reality TV star grab bag to help with the show’s ratings.  Jordan won Big Brother 11 and the two met while on the show. Can’t wait for the moment when Jordan screams at Jeff “I won Big Brother! What have you done?”  Besides, new couples never win the Race.

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder

Carol and Brandy: 50-1. An all-female team has never won The Amazing Race, but previous all-female teams have been handicapped by an older teammate (see Jody and Shannon) or physical weakness (see Maria and Tiffany, Season 15).  Not convinced they’re up to the physical challenge?  Check out Carol’s pet peeve about Brandy: “She’s a biter.”

Dana and Adrian: 75-1. Their angle is that they’re high school sweethearts and thus are the most boring team on the race.  However, boring does not necessarily equal bad.  What is bad is that Adrian’s role model is the owner of the Texas Rangers, Tom Hicks.  Hard to say what’s inspiring about the man who bid against himself for the right to give Alex Rodriguez the richest contract in baseball history.

Jet and Cord: 25-1. With apologies to women, all-male teams are always effective.  Typically stronger and faster, most all-male teams benefit most from the complete lack of in-fighting amongst the teammates.  Seems unlikely that ranching brothers from Oklahoma will buck (pun alert!) this trend.  They’ve been named after objects, too: awesome.

Joe and Heidi: 100-1. Instant red flag with Heidi’s pet peeve about Joe (“Joe is a very intense and short tempered individual who thinks he’s right all the time!”). Both have listed being away from their kids as a challenge of going on the race.  There’s no way they get through this without breaking down.

Jody and Shannon (pictured): 150-1. They’ll easily be dismissed because of the 71-year old grandmother (Jody), but they’ll beat a few teams.  Jody’s probably not as fast as most of the competitors, but she's likely in better shape than previously-competing grandparents.   Her occupation is listed as a personal trainer.  The near 50-year difference between Jody and Shannon will be fun to watch.

Jody Kelly and Shannon Foster

Dan and Jordan: 40-1. Another brothers team, but somehow these guys seem a bit more susceptible to the drama that often stalls duos.  Maybe it’s their east coast upbringing (they’re from Rhode Island).  Maybe it’s the angst built up from years as Red Sox fans.  Maybe it’s their hilarious last name (Pious).

Louie and Michael: 50-1. Also from Rhode Island. It’ll be interesting to see if these detectives form an alliance with Dan and Jordan.  Don’t cross Louie, however, his favorite hobby is “competing in power lifting competitions.”  Michael is no slouch, either, enjoying work outs, running and lifting weights.

Monique and Shawn: 85-1 – This year’s mom team is looking to do what every mom team has ever wanted to do: show their kids they’re cool!  Unfortunately, they're lawyers. Could make that attempt into an uphill climb.  Monique’s role model, Tina Turner, knows something about uphill climbs.

Steve and Allison: 40-1. A classic under-the-radar par because no one ever fears the parent/child combo.  This team is anything but a typical parent/child combo, though.  Both are good looking (for their age, at least) and Steve has to make sure Allison calls him “Dad” wherever they go so that no one thinks he’s her “sugar daddy.”