Two-Thirds of Glee Love Triangle Predict: More Will and Terri to Come

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Glee fans don't need another reason to tune in to the return of this musical comedy on April 13. But Matthew Morrison and Jessalyn Gilsig have given us one:

This pair of Glee cast members spoke to E! News this week and said the show's Will/Emma/Terri love triangle is far from over, even though the first-half of season one concluded with a kiss between the first two characters.

"Things are on the outs for me and Terri, but she's still gonna come back and try and ruin my life, I'm sure," Morrison said. "I might be with Emma, might have some other possible love interests."

Other love interests?!? Come on. There's only so much Wemma believers can handle.

A Busted Marriage

As for Gilsig, an actress we love who plays a character we love to hate?

"It's not over! He was married to me, and still kissed [Emma]! But I'm not going anywhere," she told E!. "You think that's enough to get rid of Terri? That's just a minor glitch in her determination to get him back."

In case there was any doubt about the hilarious, emotional, musical-based shenanigans ahead, Gilsig added:

"I think the [fans] are going to be happy... just when you think we've all been put in our boxes, suddenly you learn something new about every character. It really feels like a fresh season, even though we're midway through the first season."

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