Chuck Episode Stills: "Chuck Versus the American Hero"

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After last week's episode of Chuck, "Chuck Versus the Final Exam," our man passed his test (with a little help from Casey) and was finally promoted to a full time agent.  So what's in store for Agent Charles Carmichael?

Well for starts the good agent has finally decided he's winning back Sarah no matter what.  From previews we know he's finally going to tell Sarah he loves her.  Spoiler alert.  However, it's not Chuck she'll be kissing, but rather Shaw!

Chuck Picks Sarah

In better news, Chuck will also be given his first mission in "Chuck Versus the American Hero" and is given the chance to take any CIA agent with him.  Of course, he takes Sarah.

Meanwhile, back at home, Morgan, Awesome and Casey all team up to try and help Chuck with his mission... to win Sarah back.  Click to enlarge any of the additional episode stills from the upcoming episode:

Agent Carmichael
Hands Up Chuck!
Chuck as an Agent

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