Grey's Anatomy Episode Stills: "Hook, Line and Sinner"

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Grey's Anatomy is off until a week from Thursday, when we finally get a new episode, "Hook, Line and Sinner." Then it's three more weeks until the May 20 season finale.

Many things are set in motion when the show returns on April 29. Sloan returns to Mark’s apartment, just as she’s going into labor. How will the birth (and adoption) go?

Teddy, Mark and the still-fighting Callie and Arizona are all there to help with the delivery and to get Mark through his grandson’s pending adoption. Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, Teddy sees Derek’s invitation to illustrious cardiothoracic surgeon Tom Evans as a threat to her future employment at the hospital ... hmm. Think it really is?

Finally, the team must work on a crab boat captain who has been stabbed with (hence the title) a giant shark hook. Ouch. There's certainly a lot going on in this episode.

How will Mark react to this life change? Click to enlarge photos below, and tell us what you think we can expect when Grey's Anatomy returns in less than two weeks ...

Sloan Cubed
Teddy and Owen Talk
Always In the Trenches
Grandpa Mark!
The Family Sloan
Mark Shirtless
The Face of Distress
Grandpa and Grandchild
Crowen Pic
All SG Hands Are on Deck

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