The End of Owen and Cristina on Grey's Anatomy?

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Kevin McKidd is with you, Grey's Anatomy fans.

Those of us who have come to love Cristina and Owen are understandably concerned about the couple's future, with big breakup talk looming over the show.

Unquestionably, what will happen with Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (McKidd) is one of the most frequently asked questions of any show heading into May.

What does the man himself have to say about it? E! Online recently picked his brain to find out, and his prognosis is, well, let's just call it a little bit uneven.

Here are portions of his interview. See what your take on it is ...

Q: What can you tell the fans about Owen and Cristina?

Kevin McKidd: Well, people are worried about Owen and Cristina breaking up, right? The thing that people have to remember is that even if they do, it might therefore create situations where Cristina and Owen act together even more.

People have been going, "Why haven't we seen more of you guys together?"


But in a way, [a breakup] should make people less anxious. The feeling I get is that people in the writing room are really invested in [the Owen and Cristina] relationship, whether they are in a relationship or not. In a broken-up relationship there can be more interesting stories to tell.

Q: Looking back on this season, are you happy with Owen's journey?

Kevin McKidd: Owen is messed up all the time, let's face it. [Laughs.] But even though he was so messed up last season, he got a lot of things right and this season, he's got a lot of things wrong. He didn't pick up the hints from Cristina, wasn't able to read her mind early in the season.

He tried to fix it like guys do - they find if there's a problem with the woman they love, they try and do some big thing to fix it - and that big thing on Owen's part was to bring Teddy [Kim Raver] in. That's caused huge tension for them in the relationship. This is probably his season for screwing up. Even though I think he's done a lot of it with the best of intentions.

Q: Is there any chance he can redeem himself?

Kevin McKidd: There is a chance. There's a definite chance for that.

Q: Can you understand why this season has been hard on the fans of Owen and Cristina?

Kevin McKidd: Completely. There's a separation between me and Owen, and I as the actor was employed initially to come into this show to be Cristina's love interest. And what's interesting is there's an ongoing discussion about "Is that what Owen's going to continue to be or not?"

That's where there uncertainty has come from this season. I feel angst about it because I feel that my job description is to be Cristina Yang's guy and if I'm not delivering on that, I'm not doing my job properly. What's interesting is that a lot of that heated debate between myself and the writers and in between the writers has created a situation that hopefully by the season's end is going to pay off in quite a surprising way.

Q: Does it feel nice that the fans care so deeply about Cristina and Owen?

Kevin McKidd: I'm really excited by that, obviously, because I love working with Sandra Oh. You don't very often find a partnership. We feel as though something clicked, and it feels like it makes sense and it matters. I'm really proud of the fact that people are passionate about it.

Hopefully that means we're doing our job well. There's something about Owen and Cristina that I find passionate and interesting. They're kind of mixed up as a couple, but I like that.

Q: I know you can't say much at all about what happens with Owen in the season finale, or the outcome of the love triangle, but ... can you tell us whether you spend more screen time with Sandra (Cristina) or Kim (Teddy) in the two-hour season ender?

Kevin McKidd: Hmmm .... In all honesty, I'd say over the two hours it's 50/50. It's more Teddy in the first hour, and more Cristina in the second hour.

Well, Grey's Anatomy fans? What do you make of that? Will Cristina and Owen to stick together, and do you want that? Would a split be as interesting?

Comment away!

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