They're Called Villains For a Reason: JT Eliminated

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Convinced that Russell was a "good ole country boy" and telling the truth, JT never saw his elimination coming last night before Parvati played two idols in tribal council.

In an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly JT talks about trust, trusting women, trusting Russell, and his respect for Parvati.

Why did he say that he didn't trust women? We tried to confuse everybody to vote for someone no one suspected. And they still ended up guessing right with Jerri. So I wasn’t sure the girls on my tribe had betrayed me. I didn’t know. There was a lot  going on when I said that.

JT Survivor: Tocantins

His reaction to watching Parvati mocking his letter to Russell It was miserable. I think it was definitely a tribe decision. I have to include Rupert, he stood up for the letter also. I’ll take the fall for it because it was what I had done on the show, and I feel like I kinda built that up. But you’ve got to take the bad with the good. I felt like I did something that would either put me in the finals or send me home. It turned out to be the bad end of the deal.

What he thinks of Parvati's game play She did really well and I’m actually surprised at some of the game play. Russell used her a lot. They were a good team. I was impressed with Parvati not allowing Russell to know about the idol and pull one over him at tribal council. If Russell goes against anybody who knows what kind of player he is, he doesn’t have a chance. Parvati knew what kind of player he was and read him like a book.

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