Grey's Anatomy Creator: Hope For Calzona Springs Eternal

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Callie and Arizona have been fighting, as Grey's Anatomy fans know.

The former wants kids, the latter does not, and breakup talk looms for one of the show's favorite couples. But is there happiness ahead for them, despite baby-related woes?

According to TV Guide, people behind the ABC drama are big fans of the Calzona pairing and are "committed to seeing the couple through the differences over having a baby."

You can also take you-know-who's word for it.

"I really do feel like Callie and Arizona are made for each other," creator Shonda Rhimes said this week. "They've become one of those couples that you adore seeing together, and when they're in pain, you're in pain ... So I think that there's hope."

A Sexy Couple!

Hopefully, knowing looks like this continue for many seasons.

So is Calzona in the clear, or is this a clever dodge by Shonda, talking about them being great together and promising they'll be together down the line, but not saying how far?

Who do you think breaks up this season on Grey's Anatomy?

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