House and Cuddy to "Absolutely" Be in a Relationship, Producer Says

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It wasn't a hallucination and it wasn't a dream.

Cuddy really did tell House she loved him on the House season finale, and the episode really did end with these two making out and holding hands.

Producer Katie Jacobs confirmed all these facts and more in a new interview with Michael Ausiello. She said Huddy is "absolutely" a go for season seven. She also peered ahead to the fall, revealing slight spoilers and teases you can read below...

On the an actual relationship between House and Cuddy: This is real and something that they are going to try. It’s something they stayed away from for a long period of time because it’s dangerous and the consequences could be severe. But now they’re going to give it a try.

Cuddy Lets Loose

What's ahead? The challenges that are ahead for them are the things that kept them apart to begin with. It’s not chemistry or the spark. It’s “How are we going to deal with this? We’re going to be together. What does that look like?” Cuddy is his superior at the hospital. And she’s a mother. Those are the kind of things we’re going to have fun with.

The finale was filled with some of the most emotional, vulnerable House quotes in this show's history. Relive them now!

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