Happiness on House?!? Hugh Laurie Previews Season Seven, Huddy

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We've seen the season seven photo, but we're still hesitant to believe it:

House and Cuddy will be a real couple this fall on House.

Show producers have made this clear, and now star Hugh Laurie himself is speaking out on the relationship. In an interview with EW.com, the actor told fans to "buckle up" for the ride ahead, saying:

“Even the appearance of happiness [in House] has taken some getting used to. I had a week of happiness training before the season started up, and I’m whistling more than usual.”

Hot Huddy Action

Lisa Edelstein chimed in with this analysis of her character:

“I was terrified of saying ‘I love you.' But I think that in the final scene of season 6, Cuddy makes it clear that she’s ready to go for it.”

But will fans be ready? What do you think: Does this coupling mark a fresh start for the show? Or the beginning of the end?

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