Classic TV Quotes: Smallville Season One

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Smallville may be entering its final season in a little less than two months, but that doesn't mean we can't still obsess when this show made its debut on the now defunct WB.  During the first season we saw Clark get adopted, befriend Lex, pursue Lana, and start to develop his powers.

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Season one still remains one of our favorite seasons of this Fanatic favorite and in its honor we've put together the best collection of season one quotes.  So what are you waiting for?  Go browse and vote for your favorite Smallville quotes and browse some of our personal favorites below:

Lana: Didn't realize you had a dark side, Clark.
Clark: Doesn't everybody?
Lana: Yeah, I guess so. So what are you? Man or superman?
Clark: I haven't figured it out yet. | permalink
Clark: Chloe, I could never outgrow you. Other than vertically. | permalink
Lionel: You know perfectly well how I feel about you.
Lex: Hence, I'm at a crap factory in Smallville. | permalink
Lex: A high school boyfriend isn't a husband; he's an obstacle. | permalink
Clark: No, I think I'll play it by ear, you know, fly by the seat of my pants...
Pete: Clark, you're not the flying type. | permalink
Clark: You don't feel any differently about me now do you?
Martha: Clark, you're our son whether you can bench-press the tractor or not. | permalink
Chloe: Can I ask you a question - totally off the record? Do you ever wonder about your biological parents?
Clark: Every day of my life. | permalink
Clark: Besides, I know how we can catch more fish this year.
Jonathan: More lures?
Clark: X-ray vision. | permalink
Danny: I see you in a uniform, flying. Have you ever considered a career in the Air Force?
Clark: Um...I'll think about it. | permalink
Chloe: Clark Kent leaps tall theories in a single bound! | permalink
Lionel: You're not my enemy. You're my son.
Lex: I never saw the distinction. | permalink

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Oh, come on, Ollie. Throw out the white flag. It's Lois. She makes Susan B. Anthony look like a quitter.


I'm sick of being punished because I have these gifts. Most parents would be happy if their son could be star of the football team.