TV Fanatic Exclusive: Marsha Thomason Talks White Collar Character

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Marsha Thomason is back on White Collar.

The British actress, who portrays Diana Barrigan on this USA hit, spoke with TV Fanatic this week. We thank her for her time and present the following interview, in which Thomason dishes on her previous role on Lost and more...

What can we expect for the rest of this season on White Collar?
More developments with the music box. We’ve already seen Diana is involved with Peter in trying to figure out what’s going on with that, and what the connection is with Kate and Neal. There’s going to be a lot more than that. I don’t know if we’ll come to the conclusion by the end of the season, but definitely an ongoing theme throughout. More cases, more high jinks. Neal and Diana become close this season and develop a relationship which is nice to see.

Tell us about your character.
Diana’s an FBI agent, she’s a bit of a ball buster, she doesn’t take any crap from anyone. She’s really conscientious and she’s into being an FBI agent. She works long hours beside Peter. She looks up to him like he’s her mentor and she trusts him which is why she goes along with him.

Marsha Thomason on White Collar

How did you prepare for this role?
We have an FBI consultant on the set, so he’s really helpful. He isn’t there everyday, but he’s certainly on the other end of the phone when he’s not there. He’s there for questions that come up along the way. The big for me was working with the gun. I’ve never really worked with a gun before, and the first day I’m on set I’m like “how do I... how do I hold this? What do I…?” (laughs). It’s pathetic.

One of the things I learned is even when they say “FBI freeze” and hold their guns up, their fingers are not actually on the trigger. They have it on the side. Also, the handcuffs flip around and around and around and it makes you look really inept.

You’ve been on Lost and Las Vegas, was it hard to let go of those roles?
You get attached to each role and then you have to move on. I’m loving being on White Collar. I have a great time with the guys on the set. I loved being on Lost as well. That was a cultural phenomenon. I was in and out in terms of involvement.

What is your dream role?
I’d love to be in an action movie. I’d really love to do a script that Tom Cruise passed on and they could rework it for a female. I want to jump off of building and the back of cars. Do a tuck and roll. [Laughs] If you’d asked me this a year ago, I would say absolutely no. But now after being on the show, I kind of like being a bad-ass.

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