Hayden Moss Wins Big Brother 12!

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For two and a half months, the Bra-Gade fought, plotted and manipulated nearly every vote in the house. Last night on the Big Brother 12 finale, the best alliance in the show's decade-plus history had no choice but to turn on one another in competition and before the jury.

Ultimately, at the end of one last grueling competition and an interrogation on the live, two-hour event, it was Hayden Moss who stood alone - and half a million dollars richer.

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Hayden Moss is the winner of Big Brother 12!

Before the jury could choose who took home $500,000 and who won the runner-up prize of $50,000, they had to whittle themselves down to two. Enzo, see ya bro.

Hayden won the final Head of Household competition and took Lane Elenburg with him to the finals. Meow-Meow Enzo Palumbo just didn't quite make the grade.

Lane and Hayden then had to face the seven-member "jury" of their former Big Brother former contestants - including Enzo - and the vote was surprisingly tight.

The jurors praised Moss and Elenburg for playing a strong "social game" in a show known for backstabbing, screaming matches and bitterness among contestants.

Neither developed a strong enemy in the Big Brother house (nor did Enzo), leaving Hayden with a slight edge, as he was seen as the more competitive performer.

"I didn't think in a million years I'd be standing here right now," Lane, who flew under the radar, told the jury. "But I am, and I don't think that's an accident."

It wasn't, but "We both had a secret alliance, we both had a side alliance," Hayden responded. "Neither was ever a target. The difference was the competitions."

Moss pointed out that he'd prevailed in five of the game's physical and mental competitions, including a whole bunch of late, while Elenburg had won just 1-2.

Hayden eked it out, with Ragan, Kathy, Matt and Enzo in his corner. Lane won votes from Britney, Rachel and Brendon. 4-3. Looks like The Brigade did it again!

Best of all, CBS announced there will be a Big Brother 13 next summer.

What do you think? Did the jury make the right call? Would Enzo have stood a chance against either Brigade member? Are you happy Hayden won Big Brother 12?


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