John Stamos Previews Character on Glee: Mullet Alert!

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While many Glee fans are buzzing over the sing-off between Rachel and Charice's character in the Fox promo, let's not forget who else is included in this video:

John Stamos.

The former Full House star comes aboard the series in season two as Emma's love interest, Dr. Carl Howell. He'll provide major competition for Will, Stamos told TV Guide Magazine.

John Stamos on Glee

"Just when Will thinks he'll win Emma because he can sing and dance, we find out Carl used to be in an '80s boy band," the actor said, adding he'll don a mullet for flashback scenes.

Look for Carl to also play a key role in the much-anticipated Britney Spears episode. Stamos says he'll administer anesthesia to Rachel, Artie, Brittany and Santana, leading to a fantasy sequence that will take them into the world of the pop star.

Finally, Stamos confirmed he'll be involved with the show'sRocky Horror Picture Show-themed Halloween installment. Are you as excited for this casting as we are?!?

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