Dunder Mifflin Employees to Gleek Out on Future Episode

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Glee has partly made a name for itself by paying tribute to such pop culture icons as Madonna and Britney Spears.

On November 11, though, the slushie will be on the other foot: Look for The Office to air an episode that centers around a Dunder Mifflin viewing party of this Fox sensation.

"Gabe is hosting it, and it's mostly thrown by Erin, who would like the office  to like Gabe a little more," producer/star Paul Lieberstein tells Zap2It. "So she thinks this will make him a little more popular if he hosts the party."

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Who will be the biggest Gleek? Kelly, as fans might expect, while Oscar is upset because everyone assumes he's a fan of the show simply because "he's gay," Lieberstein says.

While NBC executives "weren't thrilled" with promoting another network's series, the actor who plays Toby said, they eventually supported the decision.

So, why choose Glee? "It's not just a popular show, but a phenomenon," he said.

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