When Will Cristina Get it Together on Grey's Anatomy?

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Whether you're bored senseless or riveted by her ongoing struggles, every Grey’s Anatomy fan has to be wondering when Cristina Yang will get it together. She's just not herself.

That's the understatement of all time... but when will she rediscover that fire, that confidence that made her one of the surgical team's rising stars? Sooner rather than later?

Yang in Thought

Where have you gone, Cristina Yang?

“It gets pretty dark for her,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells EW, noting that “Cristina is a person who has identified herself purely a surgeon before anything else. For her to be at a place where she’s not sure if she can even pick up a scalpel is devastating.”

For viewers, especially. But perhaps after next week's documentary episode, when the show is supposedly starting to turn the page from the PTSD/shooting-related story lines, she'll turn a corner. At least we can hope for that, for her sake and our own.

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