Jessalyn Gilsig Preps Glee Fans for "Sweet" Return of Terri Schuester

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Terri Schuester is returning to Glee. Consider yourself warned.

On tonight's episode, the character nurses a sick Will in bed, a development Jessalyn Gilsig understands not all viewers will be pleased to see.

"She and Will get to kind of quietly be together, the way they must have been before everything blew up," Gilsig tells TV Guide. "It's really sweet... whether or not it's healthy."

As Terri Schuester

Gilsig signed on to remain a series regular over the summer, but has only appeared in one episode of season two. The actress says she was surprised that she was brought back at all because "Terri's not integrated in the school, so it was hard to see how she would hang around."

So, how does Terri integrate herself into action at school? By cozying up to someone new at William McKinley. What, did you think Terri was finished with her scheming ways?

"Crazy as she is, Will is the love of her life," Gilsig says. "I think if you look at it like that, she's just a woman in love. In that way, she's a little sympathetic."

Look for this character's slightly devious game plan to be revealed on the show's 10th episode of this season.

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