Off the Map Promo: "Es Un Milagro"

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These doctors came to the jungle to save lives, but never imagined they'd be saving their own.

Okay, it was probably inevitable for a Shonda Rhimes show. But that makes for a really good line in a promo, we have to admit, and next week looks like a wild ride.

After last night's Off the Map episode concluded in shocking fashion, the aftermath of the Medvac helicopter crash in the jungle forces the team to spring into action.

The lives of their patients and the pilots are on the line, while Ryan searches for a missing girl and Lily learns a shocking secret Mateo's been keeping in "Es Un Milagro" ...

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Off the Map Quotes

Practicing tropical medicine in a third-world country is a different game... You don't have high tech, you don't have big pharma - you have your brain, you have your instincts.


They don't give a crap about the work. They're just padding their resumes with a little third world do gooding.