Your Grey's Anatomy and Off The Map Love Connections, TV Fanatic Contest Winners Revealed!

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Two weeks ago, we asked readers to come up with the best Grey's Anatomy and/or Off The Map love connections and win a prize from TV Fanatic and ABC.

We are happy to announce Veronica and Jimbo as the winners!

Please note that this isn't an endorsement of a particular couple over another, just the entries our staff liked best among the submissions, many of which were great. Email steve (at) tvfanatic (dot) com with your mailing address and your prize packs will be sent!

Off the Map and GA shirts

Thanks to everyone for playing this Grey's Anatomy and Off the Map giveaway and best of luck in future TV Fanatic contests! The winning entries appear after the jump ...

For Off The Map (by Veronica) ...

Love Ben and Ryan on Off The Map. Ben has a wife in a vegetative state. His new lady love, Ryan, needs a new heart. Ben can decide to give her his wife's heart, thus finally letting his wife rest in peace and letting go of the past and also moving on himself with life and love... with Ryan.

For Grey's Anatomy (by Jimbo) ...

Alex Karev is sick of his work situation. He's sick of the OB who won't give him the time of day. He's sick of Stark who won't let Karev do anything. He's sick of Arizona who won't let him do anything, because Stark's her boss.

He finally decides to do some more general surgeries instead of pediatrics for a while just to find some more exciting work. When back to his way of snooping around and stealing patients, he gets assigned Teddy.

They have a distant, cordial relationship so far but know how to push each others' buttons. When Teddy's 'husband' comes in for a simple surgical procedure, Karev takes the case. When Teddy learns her hubby is in the hosiptal, she swoops in and snatches him from Alex.

Alex grudgingly just observes Teddy. He learns Teddy is actually the patients' husband and says she cannot be his doctor. Karev offers to take him. Teddy says it's fine and that she is the attending. She will decide who takes what patients. Karev storms out.

Later Teddy catches up with him and says he is never to run away angry in front of a patient. She lectures and lectures and finally says "That leaves the patient feeling ignored and scared that you are not worried about them. Do you know how unprofessional that is. If that wasn't my husband for a patient, then...." "BUT HE IS YOUR HUSBAND!!!!!" butts in Karev sick of being yelled at.

"He's your husband! I wanted to take the case, because it is your husband! It is unprofessional to be your husband's doctor. If you do a surgical procedure on him, then your emotions will get in the way of your scalpel." Teddy looks taken aback by Karev's strong reaction.

Alex continues... "I was married too. I had a wife that I loved. I know how you feel about your spouse." Teddy suddenly looks uneasy because she truthfully doesn't feel much for her husband.

"I know that protection you want to give them because you love them so much, that noone can take care of them as well as you. I ALSO know what it's like to be a doctor in love with a patient. It didn't happen to me. It happened to that ex-wife of mine. She fell in love with a patient and did everything in her power to protect him. You know what happened to that patient, the love of her life? He ended up dead. If you want the same to happen to you, be my guest. But don't you dare come to me with 'unprofessional'" Karev storms off again and Teddy is at a loss of words.

She catches up with him as they are leaving the building and apologizes and says she doesn't love her husband. She says she was only doing it to help the patient's insurance. She opens up to him about how she's single and lonely. They look at each other for a while and Karev just starts laughing.

"That's extreme patient care... marrying a patient for insurance" he jokes. They laugh and laugh until they suddenly get quiet and awkward. They're looking at each other very differently now... both in a different light.

They realize they are sharing an unexpected intimate moment, and they both walk away swiftly. They both realize a new romance has just started.

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