Glenn Close Teases Season Four of Damages

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The fourth season of Damages, coming solely to DirecTV this July, will feature a number of big names. Among them: John Goodman and Judd Hirsch.

But Glenn Close remains the biggest of them all, of course, and she'll reprise her Emmy-winning role of Patty Hewes over the course of 13 episodes this summer. What can we expect from her character and the series?

"We find Patty with a big class action suit against a pharmaceutical company, so she’s going big guns on that," Close previewed to The New York Post. "But the most problematic part of her life is that she has a three-year-old granddaughter, has a hard time keeping nannies and hasn’t seen her son Michael in three years."

Pic of Patty Hewes

So, Close has custody of Michael's child. But what about the main relationship on the show? That of Patty and Ellen. Says the star:

"Patty gives Ellen an office to work out of because she quits the DA’s office, then Ellen comes to her for help - but Patty is very much in the background this year with the case. She obviously kicks in when she needs to, but it’s always at Ellen’s request."

Sounds intriguing. But what else would we expect from Damages?

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