Survivor Round Table "You Mangled My Nets"

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After a weeks long parade of ex-Zapateras being sent to Redemption Island, we finally got to see an Ometepe sent home.  But was sending Andrea home right right decision?  Is Phillip really a threat to win like he thinks he is?  What happens if Boston Rob gets ousted?

The show is finally getting interesting again.  Let's hear from our readers?

Was Andrea the right choice this week?

Kyle Kalember: If the remaining Ometepes didn't want to go up against her at the end then it was the right choice.  She absolutely could win a few immunities and that makes her dangerous.  At this point I don't think there is a "wrong" choice.  Just about all of them could - with the right speech - win a million dollars.  Phillip seems to think he can and he is the only one I'm skeptical on.

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Dan Forcella: It seems like a good enough choice for Rob, but for everyone else it was probably the wrong move.  It is getting down to the point where they all should be attempting to make a move on Rob.  Obviously they couldn't do it this week, as he had immunity, but if you want to win this thing, you have to get rid of him.  

Jane Murray: Yes, but I think Rob should have told her that they needed her to go to RI to beat Matt. Of course there are issues with timing but he's smart enough to have figured that out.

Luke Dwyer: For everyone other than Phillip and Rob, there's only one spot in the finals.  Unless you're certain that spot is yours, you have to think about creating another spot for yourself.  That means removing Rob or Phillip.  Rob wasn't an option because of the immunity, but Phillip was.  Phillip made more sense to get rid of.

Should Boston Rob be worried about Phillip?

Kyle: I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around Phillip winning, but I guess its possible.  He'd really have to give an epic final tribal performance though because so many people hate his guts and the one thing you can always count on with Survivor's final tribal (my least favorite part of the entire show) is a load of very bitter and biased people casting votes for a variety of reasons.  I can't see Phillip swaying enough to his cause.

Dan: No.  He is worried that he can't trust Phillip, and he probably can't, but Agent Phil really doesn't have the ability to do anything about it. Is he going to win a challenge?  Well not unless it is doing a million push-ups.  Is he going to be able to convince other castaways to vote Rob out?  No!

Jane: There is no way Phillip can win. He has not done anything in the game worthy of the title.

Luke: As much sense as it seems to make to take Phillip to the finals, he's the only one who can beat Rob.  None of the girls are going to do it and what can Grant say to sway votes from Rob?  Only Phillip provides an alternative to Rob.

Would you vote for Phillip over Grant, Ashley or Natalie in the finals?

Kyle: I would probably vote for Phillip over Ashley - not a likely scenario - and I might vote for him over Natalie if she totally tanked the Q&A, but not over Grant.

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Dan: As a fan watching the show, I would vote for Phillip over anyone.  If I were actually on the show, I would vote for Grant at this point.  I don't care how annoying Phil has been though, he still deserves it over Ashley and Natalie, who have done nothing that proves they deserve the million.

Jane: Just in case my answer to the last question wasn't clear, NO!

Luke: Absolutely.  He's the only one who's been playing the game outside of Boston Rob.  The other three have just been along for the ride, with Grant providing a sliver of competition in the challenges.  He stumbled backwards in to his irritant plan, but at least it is a plan now.  And it likely will get him to the finals.  That's outwitting right there.

Who do you want to see return from Redemption Island?

Kyle: Don't care as long as it isn't Andrea.  Nothing against her, I've really liked her the whole season, but the three guys represent a definite threat to win many jury votes and it would make the game more interesting.  That is all I'm asking from Redemption at this point.

Dan: It has to be Matt again.  It definitely makes for the best story.  There wasn't enough turmoil between Mike or Ralph when they went out the door, for it to be interesting when they return.  Matt was slighted twice by Rob and company, and if he could return and make moves, it would be awesome.

Jane: Mike - he's a great competitor and person to sacrifice time with his mom.

Luke: Matt would be the best story, but I can't take his religious fanaticism.  Mike's too borderline with that stuff too.  Andrea coming back doesn't accomplish anything.  That leaves us with Ralph.  Yep, Redemption Island is lame.

If Boston Rob doesn't make it to the finals, who's the favorite to win?

Kyle: Whomever comes out of Redemption.  A gold mine of votes waits for that person if he/she wins final immunity (maybe not Andrea, but definitely the three guys).

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Dan: Whoever comes back from Redemption Island.  Coming back from the dead like  Zombie would make for an easy argument at the final council.  However, I don't see Ralph making any type of logical argument, so you might take him out of the equation if he's the one that comes back.

Jane: Grant. I don't think either of the girls have done anything to win the game. Grant has been a great competitor and strategist.

Luke: If the jury votes for their friends, it'll be whomever comes out of Redemption Island not named Andrea.  If the jury votes for the game, it'll end up being Grant.  Without Boston Rob, however, the winner should be Phillip.

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