White Collar Season Three Spoilers: What's Ahead?

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When White Collar ended its second season, we were left wondering who stole the sunken U-boat treasure and what Neal would do with it now that he knew it hadn't been destroyed in the fire.

With Vincent Adler dead and the case of Katie's death solved, what will become of Neal and the rest of the crime unit? We'll find out when the show returns on June 7.

Peter Premiere Pic

In the meantime, whet your appetite for the action ahead via these series premiere teases:

  • We'll learn the answer to who stole the treasure.
  • Mozzie will fly a small plane, clad in a leather jacket and goggles.
  • Neal and Elizabeth will have an important chat over coffee.
  • Neal and Peter will work through their complicated trust issues.
  • Hilarie Burton's Sara Ellis will make an appearance.
  • Expect a few Neal look-alikes.

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White Collar Quotes

Burke: You look like a cartoon!
Caffrey: This is classic Rat Pack - this is Devore!
Burke: Oh, sorry, Dino.

Caffrey: How upset were the Canadians?
Peter: Oh, very... well, as upset as Canadians can get.