Game of Thrones Round Table: "The Pointy End"

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While Game of Thrones newcomer Dan continues to stay on vacation, the rest of us seasoned book fanatics only get a chance to escape our lives once a week to Westeros.  So come join us on our journey as we discuss this week's episode, "The Pointy End," and bring back the newly coined D.U.S. (Direwolf Use Scale) and discuss Tom Cruise:

1. Favorite Game of Thrones quotes from the episode?

Jim G: It's a pair of Tyrion quotes for me this week... as my favorite character from the book, it was good to see his wit come through in this episode.
Tyrion: And remember Bronn if you ever think to sell me out.... I will pay more, I like living.

Shaggar: How would you like to die, Tyrion, son of Tywin?
Tyrion: In my own bed, at the age of 80, with a belly full of wine and a girls mouth around my....

Carissa P:  This one, because it made me laugh:
Tyrion: And here we have Bronn, so of...
Bronn: You wouldn't know him.

Eric H: Fine!  Because you guys stole all my favorite Tyrion and Bronn quotes, I'll give it the next in line, Syrio, as he faced five Lannister men only armed with a wooden sword: "What do we say to the God of death?"  "Not today."

Game of Thrones RT - depreciated -

2. Did Robb make the right decision in letting Tom Cruise the spy live?

Carissa P: Yes. Like I said in my review, if they killed him not a single Lannister would care, but to deliver a message that they are on their way, know they are being watched, but coming regardless - that makes an impression!

Jim G: I agree with Carissa, it shows some balls to let the spy go tell Tywin they are coming, and as she said, it makes one helluva impression!

Eric H: Really, who wants to follow the lead of the honest man starving to death in a prison.  It's time to earn the respect of some northerners and behead the spy.  That'll send a big enough message.

3. So much action this week!  Best fight of the night? Khal Drogo, Jon, or Syrio?

Carissa P: Definitely Khal Drogo. Dude dropped his weapons and walked right into the other guys, literally! He is very brave, if not somewhat stupid. But it played out great on screen.

Jim G: With respect to Carissa's choice of Drogo (who was awesome) I am going with Syrio and the finesse it take to disable 5 men with a wooden sword while still teaching to Arya. It was an amazing display of dancing!

Eric H: Going with Carissa here.  Going up against the man unarmed and ripping out his throat!?

4. Who do you hate more right now: Cersei, Lysa or Joffrey?

Carissa P: Lysa. Just because she has not a single redeeming quality and is so incredibly gross. Yes, I actually think having children with your brother is above letting a 10 year old suckle on your breast. And that's a hard duo to fight in my mind.

Jim G: Joffrey. I am sorry but the inbred little jerk just makes me want to beat him with a stick!

Eric H: Cersei.  You guys stole the other two choices.  Plus, I can't figure out what that weird constipated look on Lena Headey's face is each week.  But man, it makes me hate her.

5. Give this week a score between 1-10 on my newly formed DUS (Direwolf Use Scale)

Carissa P7 on the scale just based on the fact they were in it (and not just laying at their masters' feet!). Everything seems to be happening at warp speed, and I think those who haven't read the book are going to miss out. So read the book after the season ends, children!!

Jim G: This weeks is a strong 8 on the DUS! between fingers being bitten off and white walkers discovered they were given some decent screen time!

Eric H: 5.  Sure they were there, but come on, Ghost took down that Other in the book.  Leaving him locked outside?  Weak.

BONUS: Give this episode a 1-10 on Eric's also newly formed HGN.  (HBO Gratuitous Nudity)

Carissa P:  A 1. Hodor hardly counts and his dangly bits were mostly hidden. Last week's episode would have been a 10, barely escaping the sister station nickname Skinemax!

Jim G: Other than Hodor, was there any? I am going with Carissa and giving it a 1.

Eric H: 8.  The man is a giant.  Show some respect.

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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Shaggar: How would you like to die, Tyrion, son of Tywin?
Tyrion: In my own bed, at the age of 80, with a belly full of wine and a girls mouth around my cock.

You disappoint me child. We've told you of your father's treason. Why would you want to speak to a traitor?