Will Lisa Edelstein Return to House?

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Lisa Edelstein is out as a series regular on House. That much is certain.

But might this actress return at the outset of season eight? To at least give fans some closure? It's conceivable, but unlikely, producer David Shore tells Entertainment Weekly.

“We have to plan for her not coming back," he said. "It might be interesting to get her in for an episode or two somewhere to wrap up Cuddy, probably would make fans happy, but we have to plan unfortunately on her not coming back because there’s no indication that she would at this point.”

Cuddy and Cop

The shocking season finale actually did set things up well for Cuddy to exit - wouldn't you change jobs if your subordinate plowed a car into your home? - but Shore says the episode was written under the assumption that Edelstein would return.

As for next season, "there definitely may well be more than one" person taking over Cuddy's job - and he urges fans not to panic.

House is not going to be totally changed or different.. We have a veteran team of writers and we are not going to let the show take a nosedive eight years in. We just won’t. Bear with us fans. We will turn this into an opportunity I promise. We will find a way to bring something new to the show that will get them excited again. It’s allabout turning obstacles into opportunities. That’s what life is all about. It is a bummer for sure. I loved Cuddy and Lisa but it’s done and now we move forward."

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