Andre Braugher Nearing Deal for Law & Order: SVU Role

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One of our favorite actors may be returning to the streets of New York.

Andre Braugher - most recently seen on Men of a Certain Age, but who recurred last season on House and who won a 1998 Emmy for his portrayal on Homicide - is close to a deal with Law & Order: SVU.

Andre Braugher.

According to TV Line, Braugher would come on board as an attorney for the underprivileged. His character might end up as a love interest Mariska Hargitay’s Detective Benson, who, despite earlier rumors, will appear on every Law & Order episode of the season.

Pretty awesome possibility, no?


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Sara: Yeah, I definitely talked to him.
Benson: Okay well we spoke to him as well and he said that you two had consensual sex.
Sara: We did? Well, I don't remember that, or anything else for that matter. Okay, is that it?
Benson: No, there's one more thing. Sara, the lab results came back and it showed two separate semen samples.
Sara: Two samples. Are you saying two men raped me?

I'm not a victim.