He's going to go to prison for the rest of his life. Your father would be proud of you.


I would wait outside the DA's office until the lights went out. Sometimes he wouldn't get into his car until after midnight. It was me he cared about, not you. Me he loved!


Amy: My uncle hasn't called me back.
Carisi: What do you think that means?
Amy: DNA doesn't lie, does it? Oh my God. He used to pick me up from school, take me to the park... how is this possible?

Stone: Your Honor, this monster raped 23 women. You let him go now, we can't get justice for these women.
Judge: I feel your pain, but the evidence doesn't support this indictment. I am putting this over for a new indictment. In the meantime, Mr. Noones, you are free to go.
Edgar: Your father would have done better.

Amy: He's the sweetest man in the world! What do you think he did?
Carisi: We're gonna need his address.
Amy: I don't think I should. Is this even legal?
Fin: We're gonna find your uncle whether you give us his address or not.

Fin: Did you get a sense of his age?
Claire: He was an old man. He has old man breath.

Fin: Another copycat?
Carisi: Or we just baited the real Infinity out of retirement.

This guy laying out his own insanity defense?


Woman: What?
Carisi: NYPD. We're looking for Carl Patton.
Woman: That's my brother. Whatever you think he did, he probably did it.

Stone: I can't believe how horrified my father was about this case.
Carisi: A lot of people in law enforcement were. This was like the Zodiac Killer, Son of Sam.

Carisi: Is this for real?
Benson: I didn't want to believe it but breaking in, stacking plates... how long has it been? 25 years? The Infinity Rapist.

Fin: Any idea how he got in?
Gavin: We just got back from the holidays. The door was propped open. I thought there was something off about our doorknob.

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Fin: Another copycat?
Carisi: Or we just baited the real Infinity out of retirement.

Suspect: You ever use your handcuffs in bed?
Rollins: You ever get laid without paying for it?