Carisi: How you holding up?
Benson: Considering I've been up 24 hours? I'm not gonna lie. I'm a stale sandwich of a human being.

Woman: Do you have kids, Detective?
Bruno: No. I had a father who raised me to be a man the same way you're trying to raise him. It didn't make me tough. It just made me hate him.

McGrath: Someone has to tell the Feds that the person who killed a federal judge got away with it.
Jet: At least people aren't getting raped and murdered.

Justice deferred doesn't mean we're not going to get it. We have to be patient.


Get an autopsy, stay in touch, and this time make sure your radio stays where it belongs.


Darlene: The realtor won't let me show houses by myself anymore.
Benson: It's good that you're taking care of yourself.
Darlene: What else am I gonna do? Stay in the house with the doors locked?

Fin: A rape in a hotel in the middle of Times Square. The place is covered in cameras. This guy isn't too smart.
Benson: Just brazen.
Fin: Makes our jobs easier.
Benson: We haven't caught him yet.

Velasco: He just stood there and watched. What kind of animal does that?
Fin: Not animals. Humans. Specifically, men.
Velasco: I noticed that. Why do you think that is.
Fin: What, am I an ambassador for an entire gender now?

Fin: They did a tap dance on your mind. But your mind is yours. No one can take it from you.
Colin: What do I do?
Fin: This Harvard thing, is it fixable?
Colin: I'm on academic probation.'Fin: Go back to it. This heartbreak... you'll get over it. If you live your life right, you're gonna get your heart broken a lot. Get used to it.

Velasco: The RA said Colin was drinking, doing drugs...
Fin: He didn't set a bus on fire. He set his life on fire.

Carisi: Who drops out of Harvard?
Naomi: Don't ask me. I set a bus on fire.

Parker: I know there's no excuse for a teacher having a relationship with a student.
Churlish: A relationship? That's what you're calling it?
Parker: We were her mentors.
Fin: Mentors? You and your wife were using her for threesomes.

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Who is she? Some velvet housecat?


Justice can be blind, but she's not entirely heartless. And you'll see how heartless I can be if this conversation comes back to haunt me.