Listen, man. We put you back on the streets, you're dead. We put you in prison, you're dead. You have only one option.


Edward: Simon was ice cold, blue. So I put his clothes back on him, got him dressed.
Benson: You just left him there?
Edward: Like I said, I called 911 but he was already dead. I told myself that at least he died happy, that he had one last good time.

DA: Look, I've seen a lot of dead junkies. This guy wasn't rolled. He had his wallet on him. I called his ex and she never called me back. No one cared about him.
Benson: I cared.

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Benson: Elliot, did you hear anything we said to you the other night?
Stabler: I don't want to talk about the other night.
Benson: You have to take care of yourself. I am begging you. Slow this down. Go home. Eat something. Get some rest. Do it for yourself. Do it for your children.
Stabler: Okay. I hear you. We good?
Benson: I hope so.

Liv, how's Stabler doing? I wrote him my condolences and I never heard anything back.


Kat: My cousin Lili finally got back to me. She says she's too upset to talk.
Fin: We got tissues at the squad room.

Hey, they tipped me great. These days I don't have the luxury of judging.


Kat: That's him. Xavier Garcia.
Benson: The billionaire? He's slumming it.

Vanessa: What has happened to me?
Benson: Vanessa, you've been taking care of everyone. Your family, your neighbors, your customers... who's been taking care of you?
Vanessa: No. I take care of everyone. That's my job.
Benson: Vanessa. You have to learn that it's okay to ask for help.

Vanessa: This is who I am. I lost it.
Benson: We all have. This was your day.

Rollins: How much longer can this go on?
Carisi: I tell my mother, it's not endless, but it's indefinite.

Vanessa: You haven't lost anything. you have your job. You have your son.
Benson: What I do know is nobody knows what anyone else is going through.

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

I'm fairly certain Rafiq was murdered. I just don't know who did it. But whoever did it was some other mother's son. And that makes two mothers in grief.


I think you're superb, I really do.