This has got me through some tough times. You can return it whenever you want. It's not like we're going to lose touch.


Fin: I'll yell at you later.
Benson: I look forward to it.

After what he did to me I will never forget his face.


Look, she's the kind of boss who will cling to a mistake rather than admit she's wrong. So if you want this guy out, you have to bring me something off the holster.


Sarah. You saved yourself and probably a lot of other women.


Heidi: Any leads?
Benson: Besides putting an innocent man in jail?
Heidi: Not from where I sit.

Suspect: The lab must have made a mistake.
Bruno: That doesn't happen.
Velasco: Not in real life anyway.

Benson: How's our vic doing?
Curry: Pissed off but lucky to be alive.

There is a lot more blood than the last few. This guy is really escalating.


Velasco: Why is Benson so obsessed with this case?
Bruno: You know Benson, she's all about bringing closure to the families.
Velasco: Yes, but why this case? This is a little above and beyond, don't you think?

I did it. I raped and killed my own cousin.


If you're gonna start this again, this time you better finish it.

Gwen's Cousin