Benson: I feel so guilty.
Barba: You? What did you do?
Benson: I called you about this case.
Barba: Don't. How long have we known each other? Five years?
Benson: Six.
Barba: The world was different then. It was all black and white, good guys and bad guys. It was High Noon, I was Gary Cooper. Then you weaseled your way into my world and all of a sudden there were shades of gray. There were blues and greens. You opened my heart and now I'm you. And I thank you for that. But I have to move on.

Stone: Do you feel guilty for what you've done?
Barba: Do you feel guilty for what you're doing now?
Stone: Answer the question.
Barba: I did what I thought was right.
Stone: Do you feel guilty, sir?
Barba: Yes. I do.

Stone: How did you know I'd say yes?
McCoy: Because you have more of your father in you than you realize.

Benson: I don't want coffee! You killed the baby?
Barba: I expedited his passing.
Benson: That's gonna be a tough hair to split in court.
Barba: Sometimes you have to do what's right without concern for the consequences.

McCoy: The law is what the statute says it is.
Barba: It's a shame. No matter how hard we try, we can't legislate morality.

McCoy: You know, I always wish the law was like chemistry. Add water, add heat, the damn thing boils.
Barba: Sans bias, sans judgment.

McCoy: I made a promise to my first wife never to eat at my desk. Sit.
Stone: I just wanted to thank you for your kind words yesterday.
McCoy: All of them true, all of them heartfelt. Sit.
Stone: I'm not staying. I just came to thank you.
McCoy: This is still my jurisdiction and people do what I say or they pay the price.

Benson: You don't have to prosecute.
Barba: If I don't, I'm saying that baby Drew doesn't have any rights.
Rollins: What about his right to die?
Carisi: Unfortunately, that is not in the Constitution.

Maggie: He can't see. He can't here. Look at him. He is all but dead already.
Aaron: You saw him. You can't tell me he's nothing.

Maggie: It's not like I was going to hold a pillow over his mouth. There are humane ways. We were just waiting for a court order.
Rollins: To kill your son.
Maggie: To end his suffering.

Aaron: I said STOP!
Benson: Yeah? Well, what are you gonna do?
Aaron: I'll shoot!
Benson: I'm a cop, and I know you're not a killer. And I know a paintball gun when I see one.

Benson: I talked to Maggie.
Aaron: How is she doing?
Benson: Honestly, she's not doing great. You took her baby.
Aaron: I didn't want to hurt her. I just wanted to spend time alone with my son.
Benson: I understand. Sometimes that's all I want to do too, but unfortunately the world doesn't work that way.
Aaron: There are so many cops out there...
Benson: I know. Tell you what. I know we can figure this out. How about I come in there an we talk face to face? [cops point guns]
Cop: I got a clear shot!
Benson: No guns! Stand down! That's an order!
Aaron: Okay. Just you. No weapons.
Benson: Okay. We can do that.
Fin: What are you doing? He's got a gun. Liv, do not go in there!

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

It is better to live a life of infamy, than a life of obscurity.


McCoy: You know, I always wish the law was like chemistry. Add water, add heat, the damn thing boils.
Barba: Sans bias, sans judgment.