Covert Affairs Midseason Q&A: Now What?

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The secret, and Annie Walker, are both out.

On the Covert Affairs summer finale, our favorite CIA operative finally opened up to her sister... who responded by kicking Annie out of the house.

Elsewhere, Jai was reassigned and a mysterious phone call was placed. Co-creators/co-executive producers Chris Ord and Matt Corman spoke to TV Guide about where this will all go...

Ord, on Danielle's new role: "We're going to have an Annie-Danielle story line [that] will be more emblematic of the challenges they have going forward now that she has read her in, not because of. We're really excited about the stories we can do now."

Who the heck did Jai call? Teases Corman "We can't say who he's calling, but it's someone he's familiar with and somebody with whom he's trying to change his paradigm by calling... Will he be in Phoenix? Let's put it this way: His role is changing in a very interesting way."

As for the winter finale? "We're building toward something as big as this finale was in Annie's life," says Corman. "We have something in mind that will be life-altering for her. Our goal is to give the audience something big. Not just big cliff-hangers, but big stories that are satisfying in their own right because they contain textual bombshells."

For more from the producers, including when we'll next see Oded Fehr, read the full interview at TV Guide.

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