Hart of Dixie Interview: Meet Wade Kinsella

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Dr. Zoe Hart will be a wanted woman on Hart of Dixie.

As we've already seen, despite his engagement to another woman, Scott Porter's George Tucker will take an interest in Rachel Bilson's character. What about Wade Kinsella, the southern player who shares a power generation with Zoe? And, on the series premiere, might share a lot more?

Let's hear more about this individual from the man who will bring him to life, Wilson Bethel:

The CW has also released yet another promo for Hart of Dixie, which premieres on September 26. Check it out below.

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Hart of Dixie Quotes

My God, did you just give me the compliment sandwich. Where is he?! GEORGE TUCKER get your butt out here! What is going on here? Are you dumping me again?


Vivian: We were excited to meet big Harley's actual daughter, why didn't you want to meet us?
Zoe: It's just, family has never meant more to me than trouble.

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