The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Fatal Attraction

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Before we start, can I just say how happy I am to see Ben in therapy? Finally!!!

Elsewhere, this episode shouldn't have been titled "Flip Flop." See my headline above? More accurate, right?

If you'd like, you can also refer to it as any of the following: Single White Female, Obsessed, Basic Instinct, Fear, whatever. Any flick where someone has gone completely bonkers over an old lover would apply. Adrian, oh Adrian, what are we going to do with you?

Taking a Shady Peek

The picture above straight up gives me the creeps. However, do I think that Adrian's gonna go all bunny boiler or ice pick murderer with Amy? No, not at all. I'm just continually surprised at the new levels of crazy she drops on us each week.

Adrian's meeting with her doctor was going so well, until Adrian announced that her new goal was to get Ricky back. I'm not so sure that's what the doctor meant when she said she needed to embrace her independence and focus on a "me plan." Obviously, Adrian is still unstable and immature. I give her a lot of credit for handling a horrible ideal at such a young age, but surviving a crisis doesn't necessarily grant you instant adult wisdom.

No logical female adult would call up her friend to tell her that they aren't friends anymore. She would probably just give her the fade out. And the way she's going about winning Ricky back? Hello, aggressive! Most girls her age would be Facebook stalking her ex, finding a chink in the armor and working on her takeover from the safety of her laptop and Blackberry. Not that these are healthy habits either, kids, but let's call a spade a spade.

If I were Amy and saw that face popping into the window after Grace's forewarning, I would've dropped the locks, thrown the alarm on and had an open and honest discussion with my boyfriend about my discomfort with the situation. Or gone out and threatened a restraining order. Either one would be effective.

Not much else happened this week. Nora and George renewed their friendship, which made me happy, as these two are a totally entertaining duo. Betty also dropped the bombshell on Leo that she knows he is unhappy in their marriage. Now she wants to take her prenup money, go to college and get all Destiny's Child "Independent Woman" on us.

Alright... that's a good plan, but their whole storyline has always been odd and highly unlikely. Pretty Woman does not happen in real life. Hooker with heart of gold meets rich businessman, falls in love and becomes a career-educated successful woman? Sorry, nope. And you can bet your bottom dollar that in real life, Betty would be contesting that prenup in court and trying to drain Leo for every last cent.

I apologize for being cynical, but as always, I strive for realism. While tonight's girls fighting over a boy, break up and make up drama was all fair and good, some of the other points were just really pushing it. I also really do hope that in Secret Life land, Betty can better herself and turn her life around. You all know that I heart Jennifer Coolidge!


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