Tiffani Thiessen Previews White Collar Summer Finale, January Return

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On a conference call with reporters late last week, Tiffani Thiessen avoided any major spoilers when discussing tomorrow night's White Collar summer finale, but that doesn't mean she isn't excited for us to see it:

"Something very big happens," the actress behind Elizabeth Burke teased. "I hope you guys will like it, it’s definitely one of our better episodes."

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Following "Countdown," White Collar takes a few months off. It will then return in January with episodes that put Elizabeth "up front" Thiessen said.

"I have an episode coming up where I actually come up with a case on my own and crack it myself... they’re starting to kind of pull her back into the art world again, which is kind of where she started and where she met her husband."

The character, of course, finds herself in the middle of a battle between Peter and Neal - she warns the former about where things may go between the associates in this preview for the mid-season finale - and while Thiessen makes it clear that Elizbaeth's "first priority" is her husband, she adds:

"I’ve always thought that Elizabeth really kind of has a soft spot for Neal and sees the good in Neal probably more often than Peter’s character does."

Where will that take everyone tomorrow night? Visit TV Fanatic as soon as the episode concludes for a detailed review.

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