Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Take the Lead"

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Welcome to the return of the Grey's Anatomy Round Table discussion!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last night's solid episode, "Take the Lead," in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A to further discuss the many goings on at Seattle Grace:


What was your favorite scene from “Take The Lead?”

Courtney: Tough one... I'm going to have to go with Cristina and Owen and their Chinese food poisoning. The scene was short and sweet but captured these two in a way that we haven't seen in a while. It was good to see these two laughing together again.

Sean: It was short, but the moment where Alex and April spoke before telling the son the bad news. “You did everything you could. You really did. He won’t be able to understand that, but I do and you should too” was such a sincere and truthful line. I can’t imagine having to deal with not being able to save someone, let alone break the horrible news. Plus, I see big things for these two down the road.

Christina: My favorite scene was when Derek said that he would never walk away from Meredith and referred to that unforgettable post-it note. MerDer forever!

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

Is April no longer annoying? Can she hack it as Chief Resident?

Courtney: Much like everyone, April drove me crazy when she first came on board. It's been a slow and long process, but the girl is making her way up the list of Seattle Grace awesomeness. She's a bit of a pushover, that's for sure, but she always tries to do the right thing. Plus, she has chemistry with some of Seattle Grace's hot docs and I'm rooting for her to finally get some.

Sean: April can certainly run the risk of annoyance from time to time, but that’s one of the reasons her character is so different. I love that she's not a carbon copy of the other characters. She’s grown on me and not only do I want to see her develop, but I also want to see her succeed. Unfortunately, she’s a bit of a pushover, but in time I think she’ll manage to become a great Chief Resident. Hopefully.

Christina: April is definitely starting to grow on me. Like most of you, I thought she was horrendously annoying in the beginning. She should take Callie's advice, and it'll only be a matter of time until she grows to be a successful Chief Resident.

Webber stepping down as Chief: Awesome, father-like decision to protect Meredith, or worst career-crushing decision yet?

Courtney: Let me be the first to admit - If I ever magically become a doctor and choose to make decisions without thinking, Richard Webber is who I want as my boss/faux father. This isn't the first time he has stuck up and tried to protect Meredith and their history is one of the things I love about the show. Sure, it was stupid to take the fall for a resident, lose your clinical trial, and ultimately give up being the Chief. But he doesn't have to much time left before retirement so his career isn't getting ruined like Mer's would. Plus, how do you not help out the girl who is trying to save your wife?

Sean: As much as stepping down, losing the clinical trail, and taking the fall for Meredith was huge, it was a great decision for Webber. Sure, nobody wants the negative, but Webber remained so positive with his choice. He cares about people more than his job and getting the chance to spend a little more time with his wife and continue to help/guide Meredith makes him awesome in my book.

Christina: I'm going with the former. This is not the first time Chief Webber has tried to protect Meredith. It certainly had to have been such a tough decision for him, but I also wouldn't have expected any less of him. He has always tried to be there for Meredith, and caring about his people always came first before the job.

Awaiting Instructions

What was the best medical case of the night and why?

Courtney: Cristina and Teddy, hands down. Getting shown up by one of the nurses? Awesome. Forgetting the steps to a first year surgery? Hilarious.

Sean: Cristina and Teddy, of course. Not only did Cristina forget the steps to the surgery, but Teddy was just as clueless. Oh, the fundamentals and how hilarious they can be. Yet, it was the nurse showing them up that truly completed the scene and had me laughing. What are you doing now? And now?

Christina: I must agree with both Sean and Courtney. Good thing the nurse was there to remind them about those important fundamentals!

April stood by Alex once again. Is a hookup inevitable or should the two just be friends?

Courtney: As I noted above, I am rooting for April to get some action. These two should hook up because they both could use it and Alex's romances usually make for some good drama. There's definite chemistry and Alex needs someone to soften him back up. On the other hand, if she hooked up with Jackson, Lexie would be free to go back to Mark... just saying.

Sean: I know there’s going to be a will they, won’t they relationship of up and downs as the two work together. It’s their wildly different personalities that make them click. Opposites do attract, don’t they? I think the big question will be, if they do hook up, what type of fallout will there be? The drama on this season is sure to be juicy.

Christina:They can just be the best of friends. April needs to get with Jackson, and then Lexie and Mark can get back together. 

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