Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: "Dark Was the Night"

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Tomorrow night on an intense Grey's Anatomy, Teddy puts her husband's life in the hands of her fellow surgeons when Henry is sent to the OR for surgery and she's called away on another case.

That's shaping up to be a critical storyline this week, as is Callie and Jackson coming under fire when their patient experiences post-surgery complications. Clearly, this is no run-of-the-mill episode.

Finally, Meredith and Derek receive the long-awaited news about Zola.

Watch three sneak peeks from "Dark Was The Night" below ...

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Cristina: You can cry.
Meredith: I don't want to cry. I'm never going to see him again.

I had a terrible day. We say it all the time; a fight with a boss, a stomach flu, traffic. That's what we describe as terrible when nothing terrible is happening.