The Good Wife Round Table: "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"

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The Good Wife viewers entered Bizarro World on Sunday night, as roles were switched around for most of our main characters.

How did our Round Table panel of Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica react about these changes? So glad you asked. Read on for their latest Q&A discussion of the episode...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I'm not even gonna try to choose between Diane speeches here. She put Will in his place in the exact, straightforward way a good, mature partner should; and then, via her Scotch-based interaction with Eli, she made me wish she were around any time I wrote a bad review and got down on myself.

Christine: I loved the opening military court scene where the judge kept calling out Will and he'd get up and tell her exactly what he said, "Yes your Honor.  I told Mrs. Florrik 'You take it.  She hates me.'" It was funny, ballsy and one of the reasons why I like Will so much. A close second was Diane confronting Will about the investigation and Alicia. She was direct, blunt, and right, although I don't think anything will make Peter back off, not even Will and Alicia ending it.

Carissa: When they were sitting before the committee talking about the food "plate" and they told the cheese guy dairy was off to the side because there was no room on the plate. And the cheese guy yelled "What are you talking about? It's a cartoon! It's not a real plate!" Something about that whole process not only disgusted me, but left me chuckling for hours.

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Do you think Will is guilty of judge bribery?
Matt: I don't think he'd be convicted of anything. But is there some semblance of truth to Will's basketball games being aimed at helping his relationship with judges as much as they're used for perfecting his jump shot? It wouldn't surprise me.

Christine: No. I'd be really surprised if he were. The lines may blur a bit between right and wrong for Will but an entire scheme bribing judges just seems out of character.

Carissa: No. I think he's guilty of playing basketball. I think Peter is guilty of taking his personal issues to office with him. 

Stranger to see: Lockhart/Gardner losing a case, Eli losing a client or Kalinda losing her prey to another woman?
Matt: They were all welcome to see, that's for sure. You've gotta shake it up sometimes. But I'll go with the lost case because it was clear all along, to me at least, that this client was simply guilty. The defense's arguments were all circumstantial. Just because a narcotic is commonly used, for example, doesn't make it any less illegal to take on the job. This isn't something we've really witnessed before on the series, but it's true to real life. Sometimes lawyers must argue the best case they can, even when there's little evidence to back them up.

Christine: Eli losing a client. We've only ever seen Eli win but this was a nice change of pace. I loved the way Diane kicked his butt and got him to stop wallowing and get back in the game.

Carissa: It was strange to see Lockhart/Gardner lose a case that it clearly won. Just another reason I don't like the differences between the processes set up for government and military and those for the "rest of the people." As for Kalinda losing her prey? No way. I think Cary is up to something else, as he would not choose another woman over Kalinda at this point in the series.

Rate the appearances by Zach and Grace this week on a scale from 1 (most annoying) to 10 (very useful).
Matt: This wasn't a great week to debut this question. Both kids were actually quite enjoyable. Grace stood by her mom and Zach's reaction to a new car was hilarious. It jumped out of that seat faster than Cary likely did when Dana booty called him.

Christine: I'll give them a 7 this week, which is my highest score ever. I liked how quickly Zach figured out that grandma was snooping on Alicia's computer and how both kids had Mom's back. Yes, Jackie really is a bitch. Even her granddaughter can see it.

Carissa: For once, I enjoyed their presence. Especially when Grace referred to Grandma as a "bitch." It's the most true statement that has ever been said about Jackie. For standing by their mom, I give their appearances an 8.

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