The Secret Circle Producer Warns: More Deaths to Come!

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When you start playing with this stuff, you're going to get burned. There are deaths coming.

There you go, Secret Circle fans. Consider yourselves warned by executive producer Andrew Miller.

In an interview with TV Line, Miller teased tonight's 2011 finale and also looked ahead to the second half of season one. Among developments fans can expect:

  • Charles' mother will NOT be pleased about his scheming.
  • The character to be played by Grey Damon will get involved with someone in the coven in a way that "could prove dire."
  • Melissa's cousin will debut this week and take an interest in Diana... driving Adam toward Cassie?
  • Ethan Conant will "become a player" in the power struggle between Charles and Dawn.

Visit TV Line for more scoop and hit up TV Fanatic soon after "Balcoin" concludes this evening for a full rundown!

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