Fringe Winter Premiere Synopsis: "Back to Where You've Never Been"

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We're getting closer and closer, Fringe fans.

On January 13, the Fox drama finally returns with a new episode and, don't worry, there's no chance of a World Series interruption this time around.

What can viewers expect from "Back to Where You've Never Been?" So glad you asked. Here is a look at the official network description:

The Time Has Come to Choose a Side... In an effort to find a way home, Peter journeys to the Other Side to confront Walternate. His venture proves more dangerous than expected. Meanwhile, Olivia receives a dire premonition from an Observer.

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Fringe Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

My actions caused the death of my wife, unspeakable damage to two universes. I lost my career and my sanity. All because I tried to help another Peter. I may be the only man who can help you, but I also am the only man who cannot help you.


I have been separated from my family, and you of all people must know how desperate I am to get back.