It's not about fate, Walter, yours or mine. It's about changing fate, and protecting our children.


Windmark: I too feel something. I believe you call it...Hate.
Broyles: The feeling is mutual.

Walter: It's a beautiful name.
Astrid: What is?
Walter: Astrid.

You are my favorite thing, Peter, my very favorite thing.


So in order to maintain a future without the Observers, you and Michael have to live out your lives in the future.


Blasted thing. What I wouldn't give for a good old-fashioned tumor-inducing cell phone.


You can stop checking out my young ass.


Fauxlivia: Olivia?
Olivia: It's me. I was in amber for 21 years.

Walter: The sacrifice is hard son, but you're no stranger to it.
Peter: Neither are you, dad. You sacrificed a lot.

Peter: It was on Liberty Island. We closed that bridge 24 years ago. For all we know, the Observers could have invaded as well. We have no way of knowing what happened.
Astrid: Not necessarily. The universe window. Why don't we just have a look?
Walter: Of course. That's brilliant Ashcat! Ha. Peter. Help us with the window.

Peter: Is that it?
September: You say that as if we're not carrying enough technology that can bend space and time into a mobius strip.

Walter: When you pulled us from the lake, you said the boy is important, he must live. You weren't referring to my son, you were referring to yours.
Donald: Yes. Did he show you anything else?
Walter: Yes. And there's one thing I haven't told the others. He showed me that in order for the plan to work, I would have to sacrifice myself.

Fringe Quotes

Walter: It's a shame I don't have a lab. I'd like to examine him.
Peter: You do have a lab, Walter. Your lab at Harvard.
Walter: Yes. I do, don't I?

Just your average multi-national corporation specializing in secret bio research and defense contracting. Massive Dynamic. Seems like such an innocent name for a corporation, don't you think?


Fringe Music

  Song Artist
Song Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson iTunes
Dear mr fantasy Dear Mr. Fantasy Traffic iTunes
Blue bayou Blue Bayou Roy Orbison iTunes