Psych Midseason Report Card: A

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What a great first half of season six it has been for Psych.

In the following edition of our TV Fanatic Midseason Report Card, lead series critic Chandel Charles evaluates the episode from this fall/winter and looks ahead to 2012...

Best Episode: "Last Night Gus." Penned by the ever-talented and hilarious Andy Berman, this episode was everything a Psych-O could ask for. From the appearance of the entire cast (including Buzz and Woody) to the back story behind the demise of the Blueberry, this homage to The Hangover almost put the former to shame.

Worst Episode: "The Tau of Gus." As much as the cult theme was funny, it was completely overshadowed by Gus' ridiculous romantic pursuit of a hippy. I was a little disappointed in him.

Best Guest Star: William Shatner ("In for a Penny"). Even with a big name and big talent, Shatner integrated his role of Frank O'Hara into the Psych world so seamlessly that we almost forgot he was the William Shatner. We impatiently look forward to his return in season 6.5.

Best Character Moment: Lassiter's letter to Marlowe in "This Episode Sucks." Perhaps one of his most emotional moments since his parting words to his ex-wife in "Tuesday the 17th," Carlton's commitment to visit Marlowe once a week for the next six to eight months had us all looking at him in a new and more appreciative light. Tim Omundson and Kristy Swanson were a convincing and adorable couple, and I can't wait to have her back on the show!

Quote from the show I can't stop using: Ed Lover isn't the only one saying it. "C'mon Son!" is now as common in the Psych-O vocabulary as "Are you a fan of delicious flavor"--at least in this reviewer's quote anthology!

Writer I'd like to see more from: Carlos Jacott. Making his Psych writing debut in "Neil Simon's Lovers Retreat," Jacott weaved a perfectly complicated midseason finale that had me wondering where they found this guy! So many plot lines opened up in 43 minutes that I almost screamed at the screen when it ended.

Hopes for 2012: Despereaux. A little birdie (Steve Franks) mentioned to me at Psych Fan Day that Cary Elwes would return for a third episode, this time in an Indiana Jones themed adventure!

Grade: A

C. Charles is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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